Betfullstar Slide Block Solo

 Introduction to the game

This is a jewel slider puzzle game that is fun and easy to play. Sliding Jewels Puzzle Game - Easy to play but hard to master! The funniest and most challenging block puzzle jewel blast game! ! This is a new cube puzzle game that stands out among thousands of free Tetris games and cube games with millions of loyal players! In this block game, you'll have more fun boosting your brain by sliding and blasting these classic Tetris blocks. 

 Slide the blocks to form complete bars. The more lines you create, the higher score you will get. Gems cannot be rotated. If the blocks reach the first row at the top, the game will end. Squares will appear when you cannot create a complete line. You will get better and better! This game is fun, especially for killing time. Just move the jewels horizontally, try to fill the jewels in a line, and eliminate to get a high score. This game is simple, yet fun and strategic. Helps restore your mood, reduce stress and increase positive social interactions.

Sliding jewel block puzzle game will provide you hours of entertainment, fun and tricky challenges to improve your IQ and logic skills.

Slider levels are sure to tease your brain - they look simple and help your mind relax after a busy day.

 If you are looking for a new type of block puzzle game, Betfullstar Slide Block Solo will be your best choice. A brand new gaming experience that brings you unprecedented satisfaction. Like fidget toys, it's great for stress relief. The beautiful game screen will keep you in it and spend a lot of time.

The funniest and most challenging slider jewel blast game! You will have more fun in our game. Slide block puzzle game can strengthen your brain. Plus, you can have tons of fun.


  • Game features
  • 1. Drag and slide to form a row (or rows) to eliminate gems!
  • 2. Slide the blocks left and right to create complete lines and earn points.
  • 3.There is no time limit, and you can also pause and resume the game at your convenience.

Reasons to Love Slide Block Solo;

1. Simple, easy to play yet challenging game play.

  • 2. A new type of jigsaw puzzle game that will keep you entertained for hours.
  • 3. With endless challenges, you can keep playing and there will always be something new to discover.
  • 4. Captivating you from the start, you'll experience gaming like never before.

Game play; 

Step 1

Swipe the jewel block puzzle left or right to make the block explode. Swipe the tiles left or right to create and clear entire rows.

It's really easy to start, your task is to swipe them left or right to create full rows and clear rows. No time limit, no pressure. It has a laid back and relaxing pace, but is much more difficult than you think, with endless challenges, you can play forever and still find something undiscovered. Do your best to play with them.

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Step 2

Enjoy awesome graphics, friendly interface, intuitive game controls and fun physics! The slider makes the boom explode. If you want to find a new type of block puzzle game, this will be the best choice for you. Slide Block Solo Game is a new but still classic challenging jewels puzzle game. Try it now!

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Whether you are looking for a relaxing drop checkup game to relieve stress or a puzzle sliding game to spend your leisure time, our jewel sliding drop puzzle game is the right choice for you. Become the ultimate brain training jewel slider game!

Jewel sliding puzzle game, also known as jewel puzzle and survival game. You need to keep the panel clean and slide the gem blocks and puzzles fast or you will fail. Swipe the jewel blocks quickly and correctly. Then play the game to get higher score. Every gem swipe step could be the last! 

This fun and classic jewel sliding game will improve your cognitive skills such as concentration, attention and logical reasoning. Think fast in jewel swipe and slide the jewel tiles fast. Gem block swipe game will bring an instant blast of intelligence with gem blast. 

You can only drag one gem block to the left or right at a time; each time you move, the bottom will rise by one line; If there is no support point below the block, it will fall down; try to fill a whole row and eliminate it; If a block touches the top, the game is over. Sliding wooden blocks will score points when filling horizontal rows. The game ends when the grid is filled. - The strategy is to look at the next block to choose which block to move to earn points.

Unique features of the game: 

  • ◆ Tease your brain with sparkling jewels, simple and classic jelly sliding puzzle game.
  • ◆ You will have more fun by matching these jewel sliders in the sliding puzzle game.
  • ◆ Easy to control but hard to master.
  • ◆ Relax and train your brain with light game sound effects.

It will train your brain in this slider block mania. This is the funniest jewel block puzzle game in your hands. Once you start, you will be addicted. You can play this game for free! He's intuitive and fun for all ages and skill levels.

If you are looking for a new type of block puzzle game, Betfullstar Slide Block Solo will be the perfect choice for you. 



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Betfullstar Slide Block Solo

  • This is the latest trending puzzle game, it is a very good puzzle game these days. The rules of the game are very simple. Magic blocks with gem blocks push up from the bottom. You need to move one block horizontally to the left or right, and if there is a space below it, the magic blow will drop. When it falls onto the color blocks below, if they form a solid row (a row with no spaces), the row will explode and your score will increase. Some special gem blocks are called magic blocks. When they explode, they cause other color blocks near their edges to explode together.
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      Welcome to Jewel Sliding™ Block Puzzle, a new block puzzle game that stands out among thousands of free Tetris games and block games with millions of loyal players! In this block game, you'll have more fun boosting your brain by sliding and blasting these classic Tetris blocks. Jewel Sliding™ Block Puzzle is a free puzzle game for adults that includes a jewel block sliding puzzle and survival game.

      Gameplay: 1. Swipe the jewel block puzzle left or right to make the block explode. 

      VCU Interface
      Dropdom - Jewel Explosion
    • This is a block puzzle game. It moves gems horizontally, fills them with a line, and eliminates high scores. This game is both fun and strategic. It requires players to observe, judge, move, and finally reach a line or lines. Eliminate one line and score points, if you eliminate multiple lines, you will get a high score.
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    • 1. When you start the game and enter the main interface. In an 8X10 chessboard, randomly rise 2-3 rows of squares from the bottom. You can only move one square horizontally at a time, and there is space next to the square you want to move. 2. By moving the blocks, when the lower layer creates space and is large enough to accommodate the length of the upper layer, the upper layer will fall to the lower layer. If all 8 grids of a row are filled by cubes and there is no extra space, the row will be eliminated. 3. When you move the block for the last time and the number of rows reaches 10, the game ends. Block Slider Game Skills: You can try this game first because it has novel gameplay and effects. With every step you take, you're never quite sure what's going to happen next. When you're not sure how to move, you can click the hint button for hints. When you accidentally move wrong, you can click the back button to go back to the previous step.
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    • After reading so much, are you still hesitating? 
    • This is a very good jewel slider stacking game, a true classic. After downloading, the exquisite design effect will impress you, it can continuously improve your concentration and improve your analysis ability. Let you have endless happiness in your spare time!

    Betfullstar Slide Block Solo

    Slide Block Solo Gem Slider Game Difficulty Don't you deserve it?

    The game is easy to play, but challenging to score!

    The more you play it, the more you will like it more and more, can't you put it down?


    Are you ready to challenge yourself? This is a gem drop puzzle game, slide the gem blocks horizontally, fill the gems with a line, eliminate them to get high scores. Combining jewel puzzle pieces resolved will earn extra points. It will tease your brain. Upgrade your level in the game. Get ready for a real challenge unlike other jewels_puzzle blocks and jewels sliding puzzle games. Give it a try - this jewel slider game is for the smartest of you!

Betfullstar Slide Block Solo
January 28, 2021 16:00

Betfullstar Slide Block Solo