Poker Card : Solitaire Puzzle


 Introduction to the game

The world's most popular card game, the classic solitaire, also known as patience, is a good way to relax and train the brain. With beautiful graphics, interesting animations and free offline games, Solitaire is the best game to kill time.

 Play the world's best free and popular card games for free anytime and anywhere! Train your brain, challenge yourself and release pressure. To become a master of solitaire, download and experience this game! Classic can't be missed.

The most relaxed and addictive free classic card game or patience game is right for you!

Solitaire, also known as "Patience" in Europe, such as Britain and France, is a puzzle solitaire game, which is very useful for killing time and relaxing .

 Solitaire is the most popular and classic card game in the world. Let you feel relaxed, is the main reason for the popularity of solitaire around the world!

Wake up your brain in the morning, clear your mind before going to bed, and play solitaire are all good choices. 

 As you can see in the introduction diagram, the solitaire has a classic interface performance; On top of the exquisite interface is the most interesting game playing method that has been carefully designed and surpasses similar games;

Classic card game is a challenging classic card game, which is suitable for all the real fans of card games. Like Spider Solitaire, Solitaire, Crondike Solitaire and Pyramid Solitaire, this Solitaire game is definitely more interesting! The brand new classic card game experience the original card game!

Solitaire was once a classic computer game. Now we make it easy for people to play card games on mobile phones and tablets. Playing cards is a great time killer, which makes your brain and mind sharp. Solitaire is a classic card game. Solitaire - Classic solitaire games are designed for mobile phones and tablets. We have Android and iOS versions, so you can also easily download cards for the iPad and iPhone.  

Reasons to love Classic Solitaire:

1. Large enough and very clear card design, effectively relieve eye fatigue.

  • 2. Multi-level difficulty design brings you a smooth victory experience.
  • 3. Daily challenges with generous rewards can activate your brain, exercise your thinking, and make you feel happy.
  • 4. Pure classic and authentic Solitaire.
  • 5. High-quality graphics, comfortable color matching and pure gaming experience.

Game play; 

Step 1

First let's open the game Solitaire. After entering the game, we will see many playing cards.

Poker solitaire needs to be placed in order. For example, the first card turned out after the game starts is A, then you can put the card on the right first. If you want to solitaire, you need to put a card of the same suit or the opposite suit You can also choose to place a 2 of the opposite suit in order, and so on, and you can win after turning over all the cards and arranging them neatly.


Step 2

After the cards are put on, you can continue to put a 2 or 3, but you cannot skip the points of these two cards. For example, if you put a 3 under the 2, then you can only put 4 or 3 on the next card, not 5, 6 and other cards. If the combination of cards is a straight, then you can put a card that is one point lower than the previous card, for example, the previous card is Q, then you can put a card of the opposite suit in front of the Q after achieving a straight J, and so on, after all the cards are turned over and arranged neatly, you can win.Poker solitaire can effectively cultivate phenomenal power and logical thinking ability. This is because in the process of playing solitaire, you need to concentrate on thinking about how to connect the cards in your hand with the cards in front of you, and also consider the cards. Points and suits, etc., so it is helpful to exercise people's logical thinking ability.


The most popular solitaire game in the world. Play a few games a day to relax your mind. Enjoy the pure game experience, the visual screen is newly upgraded; all the cards can be unlocked; there are rich achievements and rankings waiting for you to challenge in the game.

Overall the game is pretty good, but it has a lot of flaws. There is no doubt about it. The painting style and picture quality are very delicate, and it is really addictive to play. Interested players can try it. With the fastest speed, successfully complete the Solitaire game, don't miss this game!

A solitaire game that brings back childhood memories.

So far, Microsoft’s poker game has come out for 30 years. With the help of Microsoft’s big IP attributes and its classic image in the poker world, it has become the first reaction of many users when it comes to poker games.

  • ◆ Enhance intelligence.
  • ◆ Relax your mind.
  • ◆ Focus on thinking.
  • ◆Can improve their language ability and intelligence iq.

The effect obtained after being recommended by Apple this time can also be seen that the game still has a good user base. As a classic representative of card games, it has also aroused many users' childhood memories.


More surrounding heat analysis.

Solitaire is an 800-year-old game, and if children play it at an early age, it will definitely improve their language skills and intelligence iq. This is because children will not feel hard when playing, and it is easy to remember the content of the game. It's not like the hot ones on the market now.

  • ◆ Yuanshin (requires various fees to continue)
  • ◆ Subway cool running (requires non-stop running to consume eyesight)
  • ◆ King of Glory (addicted)
  • ◆ Leading the Soldiers of the Earth (Indulgence consumes time)

All of the above make us lose our purpose in life, without the growth and improvement of intelligence. For example, the British Royal Education, there are different card courses, and more scientists are exploring how card games can help children grow into adults. role, how much help. The current football stars Mbappé, Messi, Ronaldo, etc. all use card games to adjust their mood and state at different times. The people of Brazil's football kingdom have been challenged to varying degrees since childhood. Their quick thinking often opens our card games to challenge and improve.




Card Game Leaderboards.


Poker Card : Solitaire Puzzle 

  • ◆ Classic Solitaire game.
  • ◆ fun daily challenges.
  • ◆ The most popular card game in the world, Classic Solitaire.

The world's most popular card game, Classic Solitaire, also known as Patience, is a great way to relax and train your brain. With beautiful graphics, fun animations, and free offline play, Solitaire is the best game to pass the time.




Classic solitaire game Solitaire.

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  • ◆ - Classic solitaire game, super fun and addicting.
  • ◆ - Left-handed mode, providing you with more convenience.
  • ◆ - You can turn over 3 cards at a time, making the game more challenging.

◆- Data statistics, challenge yourself anytime, anywhere. 

◆- Unlimited hints and undo functions.



Beetles Studio Solitaire - Classic Solitaire Card Game

People all over the world choose solitaire whenever they feel the craving. Play the classic card game, you can choose any scoring mode you like. With this classic solitaire, users can enjoy a comfortable visual design and pure classic solitaire style. Our classic solitaire game will give you annoying notifications or ads, just a wonderful experience in pure solitaire game. Our classic solitaire game is so easy to play that people can play it at home, on the bus, subway, train and anywhere else. Millions of card game fans play it every day. Classic Solitaire to brighten up your day. Enjoy this classic solitaire game now! Solitaire games are always classic and fun! "

  • Solitaire - Beetles
    Classic Solitaire is an addictive, challenging classic card game for all true lovers of card games. Like Spider Solitaire, Solitaire, Klondike Solitaire, Pyramid Solitaire, this solitaire card game is definitely more fun! A NEW CLASSIC CARD GAME Experience the original card game!
  • VCU Interface
    Solitairemouse  game.
  • Solitaire by MobilityWare is the original developer of the daily challenge card game.
  •  Solitaire, also known as Solitaire or Patience, is the most popular solitaire game in the world. If you like classic solitaire, you'll love this crisp and clear solitaire game!
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    Solitaire by MobilityWare is the original developer of the daily challenge card game.
  • The poker game is as popular with amateur players and casino players as you see on TV, and it's the only poker app to include a daily challenge feature. Each day brings you a unique daily challenge that tests your logic and trains your brain! Beat the daily challenge and you'll earn the day's crown. Go for more crowns and earn monthly trophies!
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  • From this we can see how popular our games are all over the world!
    If you want to change your mind, I hope you become our member, and together we can slowly improve our thinking,
  • change ourselves, and change the world! 

Betfullstar Game Poker Card : Solitaire Puzzle

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Poker Card : Solitaire Puzzle
January 28, 2021 16:00

Poker Card : Solitaire Puzzle