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 Introduction to the game

Sudoku puzzle game is a popular classic number game that exercises brain and logic. Install the Sudoku Free app and start playing thousands of free Sudoku games instantly!

Play Sudoku for free now! Dare to challenge your brain! ! Sudoku is here waiting for you! Sudoku is a classic sudoku puzzle game that trains your brain and makes it sharper. Sudoku is a very interesting puzzle game that is loved by many people all over the world. This sudoku game is specially designed for people who love puzzle games, whether you are an expert or a beginner in sudoku number games. Classic Sudoku fun is that simple; you can play it anytime, anywhere.

Sudoku classic game for beginners and advanced players! Enjoy the exciting world of Sudoku. Train your brain and use many handy features! Sudoku classic puzzle game is free numbers game to sharpen your mind. Train your brain by playing free sudoku games. Play our best classic sudoku puzzle game to train your brain, develop logical thinking, improve memory and relax. Play unlimited top Sudoku games anytime, anywhere.

Sudoku Puzzle App is a popular classic game to train your brain and IQ with numbers. If you like puzzle sudoku and playing math games, we welcome you! Playing this sudoku puzzle on your phone is just like using a real pencil and paper. Install the Sudoku app and start now! Play easy sudoku and medium sudoku levels to exercise your brain. Choose Difficult Sudoku to improve your skills and try Professional Sudoku puzzles with numbers for a real challenge.

 Sudoku Puzzle Game is an addictive brain sudoku puzzle game on Google Play. You can download the Sudoku app for your Android phone and tablet. Brain Sudoku for beginners and advanced players. Every Sudoku has only one true solution. Classic sudoku puzzle game for your brain, logical thinking, memory and good time killer. The goal is to put a 1 to 9 digit number into each grid cell so that each number can only appear once in each row, column, and mini-grid. With our Sudoku puzzle app, you can not only enjoy Sudoku games anytime, anywhere, but also learn Sudoku skills from it.

Our Sudoku app features an intuitive interface, easy controls, a clear layout and balanced difficulty levels for both beginners and advanced players. It is not only a good helper to kill time, but also helps you to think, make you more logical and have a good memory. When you open our sudoku app for the first time, you will see a guide on how to play sudoku game and you will see yourself as a sudoku master and an excellent sudoku solver. You can quickly play any internet sudoku. Come to our sudoku kingdom. This is the sudoku app for sudoku lovers. If you love playing Sudoku, you should download it now and play sudoko every day.




Reasons to love Classic Sudoku;

Sudoku also has the ability to exercise two-way thinking. Every time you fill in a number, you must take care of both the row and the sequence. This two-way thinking logic can quickly improve the child's overall logical thinking ability. Having a good thinking logic can strengthen the ability to observe, compare, analyze, reason and generalize things. Compared with other people, people with good logical thinking do things more perfectly and more organized. Children who play Sudoku since childhood, the brain will get these 3 benefits, easily build the "strongest brain"

Game play; 

Step 1

Sudoku is a game that tests intelligence and memory and develops intelligence. Most of the gameplay of Sudoku depends on calculations. Of course, there are still some tips.

Sudoku is a small puzzle game that can exercise thinking ability. The most basic gameplay is introduced below: First, you must understand that only one number can appear in each unit, and it cannot be repeated. A unit has nine unique numbers. The same number rows and columns cannot be aligned. After filling in, check whether each palace is repeated, whether the rows and columns are repeated. Summary: Each palace cannot be repeated, and the rows and columns are not repeated.

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Step 2

Negative method For the relatively simple Sudoku, the method set number is meaningless. Trying mechanically over and over again from 1 to 9 is the most common method. Or start with the number that already exists, anyway, just try again and again. Note that what I mean by trying is not to try the number one by one, but to negate the place where the number cannot exist with the existing number, that is, the negation method. Example of double negation for advanced negation method: After exclusion by negation method (red line), there are two blanks (3,4) and (3,5) left in the left, middle and small nine squares, which can be filled with '2'. Then use the negation method (blue line) to determine the small nine-square grid in the middle, '2' can only be in the (5,4) or (6,4) position, so (3,4) can never fill in '2', so The left middle and small grid '2' can only be in the position of (3,5). Use the method of exclusion to fill in the rows or columns that can determine the number first; fill in the rows or columns with the least blanks first; after applying the above two principles to fill in the rows and columns that can be determined and the fewest blanks, other rows or columns can be determined again Numbers, fill in the blanks using the first two principles in a loop.

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Sudoku game is a mathematical intelligence game that originated in Switzerland and gradually spread to the world. It has the functions of leisure and intelligence Before Sudoku, the most popular games were: Rubik's cubes, Tetris, and even Mario. But these are games that are all the rage but are fleeting. The origin of the Sudoku game is relatively long. Sudoku is a mathematical puzzle game that originated in Switzerland at the end of the 18th century, was developed in the United States and flourished in Japan.

The rules of the Sudoku game are simple and easy to get started. Children aged 7 and 8 can understand the rules. The logical judgment training of children's early brain can be started early, and it is not attached to the knowledge learned in school at all, and it is beneficial to learning including school subject learning. Even if you don't get the final answer halfway through, your brain can still get active and exercised, and you can continue to do it at any time in the future.


Sudoku is a game that can help you.


  • ◆ Sudoku is a game of strategy and thinking. In order to fill the squares, you have to stimulate your reasoning skills, which will strengthen mental abilities.
  • ◆ Whether you're using advanced Sudoku techniques, or just starting out, you'll need to use logic to complete the game's grid.
  • ◆ You will have to concentrate and focus while avoiding mistakes and analyzing and memorizing combinations of numbers. That's why regular practice develops focus and keeps the brain mentally engaged for as long as possible.
  • ◆Recognize the numbers, memorize the different possibilities for each grid, memorize this or that trick.

Regular practice of Sudoku stimulates your visual memory, which in turn stimulates your overall memory, which is important in the fight against diseases of aging that affect the brain.


More surrounding heat analysis.

Global Online Sudoku Championship.

  • The Guinness World Record for the world's largest conjoined Sudoku puzzle was born.
  •       The 2020 World Youth Sudoku Championships ended in Beijing on July 25th. On that day, 200 players from all over the world jointly challenged the [Largest Conjoined Sudoku Puzzle] and successfully broke the Guinness World Record honor. The conjoined Sudoku of this challenge consists of 200 individual Sudokus. The staff of the Sudoku Association took 3 months to write questions and compare the common areas between them. After completion, the difficulty verification was performed and the only correct one was presented Answer.
  •       After the event started, the contestants actively answered their questions. In just one minute, some contestants completed their own questions. During the event, Mr. Cheng Dong, the Guinness World Records certification officer, reviewed the answers of each contestant on the spot. reviewed and confirmed in detail. Cheng Dong said: "This is a brand-new challenge project. The standard set by the Guinness World Records is 150. Each one is required to be a different single standard nine-square Sudoku, and the conjoined pieces are superimposed on each other to form a Large single-joint Sudoku puzzles that ultimately have a single correct answer."
  •       After nearly an hour of on-site challenges, the last young contestant submitted his own topic. After checking, all the challenges were successfully completed. The final challenge result was 200, which successfully refreshed the Guinness World Record honor.

      Sudoku is a digital intelligence puzzle game derived from Latin squares. In the eyes of Sudoku masters, the charm of Sudoku lies in its ever-changing, different questions have different solutions, but there is only one answer. Sudoku is suitable for people of different ages and occupations. It is a leisure way to develop intelligence and exercise logical thinking. best in the world.

       Who holds the fastest sudoku world record? According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the fastest time to complete a Sudoku game of easy difficulty is 1 minute and 23 seconds. This record was set by American Thomas Snyder on May 20, 2006. Thomas Snyder was kind enough to openly share his tips for solving Sudoku puzzles quickly. 




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Royal Puzzle : Sudoku.

  • ◆ Play Sudoku for free now! Dare to challenge your brain! Sudoku is waiting for you here!
  • ◆ Sudoku is a classic sudoku puzzle game that trains your brain and makes it sharper.
  • ◆ Sudoku is a very interesting puzzle game that is loved by many people all over the world.

This sudoku game is specially designed for people who love puzzle games, whether you are an expert or a beginner in sudoku number games.

Classic Sudoku fun is that simple; you can play it anytime, anywhere. 




Beetles Studio Classic Sudoku Puzzle.

Classic sudoku puzzle game for your brain, logical thinking, memory and good time killer. 

  • ◆ - Sudoku puzzles have 4 difficulty levels - Easy Sudoku, Medium Sudoku, Hard Sudoku and Expert Sudoku. Suitable for Sudoku beginners and advanced players.
  • ◆ - Daily Challenges - Complete daily challenges and collect trophies.
  • ◆ - Highlight Duplicate Numbers - Avoid repeating numbers in rows, columns and blocks.

◆- Theme - Choose a theme that is easier on your eyes.

◆- Autosave - Pause the game and resume the game without losing any progress.



Sudoku Classic Jigsaw Puzzle Game Easybrain.

       Sudoku Free Puzzles is a popular classic number puzzle game that will train your brain power. Solve the daily Killer Sudoku and have a blast! Thousands of number puzzle games are waiting for you to play. Install the Sudoku free app now and experience the classic logic game! Classic Sudoku for beginners and advanced players. Whether you want to relax or keep your mind active, play free sudoku puzzles and have a good time! Take a stimulating break or clear your mind! Take your favorite digital games with you wherever you go! The game is Sudoku online and can also be played offline. Playing this free online Sudoku game on your mobile device is as much fun as playing Sudoku with pen and paper.

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    Guru Puzzle Game.
  • Sudoku Puzzle Game - Quick Picks for Novices and Experts alike! Thousands of sudoku puzzles are waiting for you to solve. Come and download to start the daily challenge!
  • Maybe you will fall in love with sudoku game soon!
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    Volcano Entertainment.
  • Sudoku is a logical number filling game. Players must use logic and reasoning to fill in each grid with numbers, so that each row, each column and each palace (that is, a 3x3 large grid) has all numbers from 1 to 9, No repetitions, each puzzle has only one answer. A solved Sudoku is actually a multi-house restricted Latin square, since the same number cannot appear more than once in the same row, column or house. We designed this innovative free Sudoku game with the following core features .
  • ★ 10 Sudoku variants like Curved, X Sudoku or Color Sudoku.
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Betfullstar Game Royal Puzzle : Sudoku.

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There are so many different Sudoku puzzles in Sudoku app that you will never get bored. Choose from four different difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert. Choose the right difficulty, start training logical thinking today, and enjoy improving!

Royal Puzzle : Sudoku
September 24, 2022

Royal Puzzle : Sudoku