Betfullstar Wood Block Jigsaw

 Introduction to the game

Our game is a classic favorite puzzle game! Relax your mind and body while gently training your brain with this block puzzle puzzle game. Enjoy cube block puzzle games by solving wood block puzzles. This game combines the popular block puzzle game with a new type of jigsaw puzzle! It's time to relax your brain! This is an innovative block puzzle puzzle game with constant updates for true lovers of picture puzzles! This is a brain-burning, but very decompressing puzzle game, you will never put it down!

 Wood Block Puzzle Game is an innovative wooden block puzzle designed and constantly updated for puzzle lovers and Tetris lovers! Drag the wooden cube fragments at the bottom of the interface, find a suitable position in the given square to place the wooden cube fragments until they are filled correctly horizontally and vertically, detonate the fragments, constantly rely on your wisdom to get stars, and unlock the puzzle world on the home page!

Each jigsaw puzzle is uniquely designed to give you a unique wood block puzzle experience. With multiple puzzle levels and beautifully animated graphics!

When wooden feel puzzle game meets classic jigsaw puzzle game. This is a brain-burning, but very decompressing puzzle game, you will never put it down! Play jigsaw puzzles like never before on your phone or tablet, easy to play, fun and relaxing! Choose from tens of thousands of beautiful puzzles and play puzzles however you want. Countless hours of entertainment for anyone of any age.

 You come to the wonderful world of block building and puzzles! Exercise your brain and relieve stress with relaxing and fun jigsaw puzzles. Open HD jigsaw puzzles and play free jigsaw puzzles. A large number of high-definition pictures, a variety of difficulty block selection, full of fun and challenges like a real jigsaw puzzle, no longer have to worry about losing puzzle pieces. Free puzzles, play as you want!

You come to us with this brand new free wood block puzzle game that brings you the ultimate aesthetic experience. This art game is the perfect fusion of block stacking and puzzles, and is a must-try game for players who love Tetris games and colorful puzzles! Unravel hidden secrets, spell out beautiful moving pictures, and enjoy a fantastic and dreamy stress-relieving game. Try this game and refresh your stereotype of classic puzzles!

 In the stress relief game, you will enjoy beautiful hidden pictures in different colors that will come to life when all the pieces are placed in the correct position by color blocks. This experience is so exciting that it revolutionizes the conventional notion of block games and free jigsaw puzzles for adults.

The reason why I like wooden blocks and puzzles;

1. When all the pieces are color-coded and placed in the correct position, the picture comes to life.

  • 2. You will enjoy beautiful hidden moving pictures with changing colors!
  • 3. It can activate your brain, exercise your thinking, and make you feel happy.
  • 4. Block Puzzle Test your IQ now! Improve intelligence!
  • 5. Exercise hand-eye coordination, so it can promote fine motor development.

Game play; 

Step 1

How to play our block building and jigsaw puzzle game?

Use blocks to create complete lines vertically or horizontally, destroy block figures, and keep accumulating pentagrams, The game is over if no additional blocks can be placed and the blocks are not destroyed. If you are a Tetris fan or like jigsaw puzzles. Come and try this game, I believe you will love it! This game combines the popular building block puzzle game and the new style of jigsaw puzzle game, breaking the original game pattern!

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Step 2

How to get stars to unlock puzzles? Play block games! Drag the block shape to fill in the blanks. Rows or columns full of blocks will be eliminated, and you will get some points, the more points you get, the more stars you get, and the stars will increase cumulatively. Unlock more puzzles and start your beautiful journey.

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Relax, enjoy and train your brain, this is a classic block puzzle game with lots of high quality picture puzzles in various collections for every taste and preference. Our wood block puzzle game is unique, individually crafted and designed to ensure an authentic and enjoyable experience for all those who love playing classic jigsaw puzzles.

At the same time, it is also a free game and a decompression game. It not only has a delicate touch and beautiful picture, but also allows you to enjoy the relaxing time with peace of mind. Once you start, you won't be able to stop. Say goodbye to boredom and stress, because there are countless pictures waiting for you to unlock; each picture is breathtakingly beautiful, and it is wonderful to bring your ideas.

If you like art games like block building and jigsaw puzzles, you'll love our app! In our free jigsaw puzzles you need to find the correct position by color for each jigsaw piece. That way, you can make these wonderful colorful pixel puzzles come alive.

As a calming game that relieves stress, unwinds your mind and body, relaxes you and energizes your day. 

Unique features of the game: 

  • ◆ An absolutely unique gaming experience.
  • ◆ The perfect blend of two popular game genres.
  • ◆ Focus on thinking.
  • ◆Can improve their language ability and intelligence iq.

At first glance, you might think this art game is pretty simple. Actually, the difficulty is hidden where you can't see it, so get ready for the challenge. We created simple yet challenging puzzle matching mechanics to enhance your gaming experience.

This is a classic and addictive wooden style wood block puzzle game, a real classic, no time limit, classic puzzle game. 



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Tetris Travel Notes: Breaking News|Mysterious new level - the secret of the pixel world! 

  • ◆"Tetris" has become the casual favorite of many loyal fans with its nostalgic casual gameplay and diverse confrontation experience. Traditional Tetris is a challenge to the limit of oneself, but "Tetris Around the World" can realize real-time real-person confrontation. Friendly interactive interface, with a more applicable style of use, makes the real-person confrontation more fun! More beautiful life.
  • A Tetris farce branded as a political conspiracy! 
  • ◆The Most Complicated Copyright Battle in Gaming History "Tetris" was invented by Alexei Pajitnov in the laboratory by accident. Under the Soviet system at that time, it was quite difficult for Alexei to get rewards through this game. This game was ported to Apple II and Commodore 64 by Hungarian programmers in 1986, and was later stolen by Robert Stein, a manager of the British game company Andromeda, which made Tetris fall into the copyright for several years. In the battle.
  • The copyright of "Tetris" has gone through many companies such as the British game company Mirrorsoft and the American game company Spectrum Holobyte. In the end, ELORG (or the Soviet government), BPS and Nintendo became the final winners. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the copyright of the game returned to the real inventor Alexey Pajitnov himself. After that, with the help of his friends, Alexei established a company called Tetris Company LLC to manage the game copyright of Tetris. Today, this game has been 30 years old, and June 6, 2014 just passed the 30th anniversary. 
  • The "puzzle game" market is exploding. Why are European and American consumers not tired of playing "jigsaw puzzle games"? 
  • ◆When the epidemic broke out last year, due to the promulgation and enforcement of "home orders" in Europe and the United States, consumers went out less frequently for social activities, and most people were forced to stay at home; From other types of entertainment such as movie theaters, amusement parks and restaurants to the toys category. Therefore, during the epidemic, adults have come up with different tricks, buying various card games, Lego blocks, e-sports and other pure entertainment games to pass the time and release stress; of course, in addition to adults, children’s purchases of indoor toys have also increased , The frenzied demand for toys from the two major groups directly drives the consumption growth of the global toy market.
  • In the early days of the epidemic, the hot-selling categories in the US toy market were mainly game-oriented toys. But after staying at home for a long time, adults will also get tired of pure entertainment games and toys. At this time, toys that are both educational and entertaining have obviously become a new choice for consumers to entertain at home. For example, there is a jigsaw puzzle game known as "a treasure that never gets tired of playing". A jigsaw puzzle in which players assemble oddly shaped interlocking and tessellated pieces to complete a complete picture. Its types are generally divided into single-sided puzzles, double-sided puzzles, and three-dimensional puzzles.
  • Single-sided puzzles are mostly based on natural scenery, buildings, and some familiar patterns; double-sided puzzles have patterns printed on both sides, and players can assemble patterns according to any side, but the difficulty of the game is obviously increased; three-dimensional puzzles Most of the pieces are made of more solid materials such as wood or foam plastic, requiring players to assemble the pieces in a specific order, which is difficult. In some cases, more advanced puzzle types have appeared on the market - such as three-dimensional spherical puzzles and visually stimulating virtual puzzles. Similar to the plane puzzle, the spherical puzzle is also a single-layer structure made of pieces of cardboard, and its final shape is a three-dimensional shape with attributes of length, width, and height. 

Of course, consumers also have a certain tendency in choosing the style and difficulty of jigsaw puzzles. On the one hand, because consumers are forced to stay at home and yearn for travel, they will also tend to choose puzzles with comfortable scenes or depicting exotic scenes; on the other hand, sellers will also make corresponding changes in the product line, providing A high-level puzzle to cover different levels of player groups.





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Betfullstar Wood Block Jigsaw

  • He can promote us;
  • ◆ 1. Exercise hand-eye coordination, so it can promote the development of fine motor skills.
  • ◆ 2. Cultivate observation skills. First of all, you must learn to observe, and then in the process of playing, your observation skills will be developed unconsciously. 
  • ◆ 3. In the process of playing with wooden blocks, you can also learn a lot of mathematical knowledge, cultivate a sense of space, imagination, creativity and language expression skills.
  • ◆ 4. Contribute to the development of intelligence. Training hand-eye coordination is good for your intelligence. 

Wood Block Puzzle Game is easy to play but full of challenges! Players must use their logical thinking ability to place blocks of different shapes in the correct position. This requires a strategy to arrange the decision. In the next step, you can accumulate a lot of stars, and you can unlock beautiful jigsaw puzzles. Players can exchange and play, and you also need the accumulation of wooden blocks to play h games better! This continuous improvement of brain capacity makes you smarter.




Wooden Block Puzzle - Classic Block Puzzle Game Beetles Studio;

Wood Block Puzzle - Classic Block Puzzle Game, also known as Qblock, this is a classic and addictive wood style block puzzle game. In Qblock you will be challenged to fit blocks of different shapes into a 10×10 grid. Wood Block Puzzle (Qblock) is a real classic, no time limit, match-up game. Play Wood Block Puzzle - Classic Block Puzzle Game (Qblock) every day and find new combos in this classic block puzzle game.




    Wooden Nine Palaces - Decompression puzzle game.

    Wooden nine-square grid: When the wooden puzzle game meets the classic Sudoku grid. This is a brain-burning, but very decompressing puzzle game, you will never put it down! Put the building blocks on the 9x9 checkerboard, filling a row, a column or an entire square area can trigger elimination. Eliminate as many wooden blocks as possible and last longer in the same round, you can win high scores!

    VCU Interface
    magic puzzle ZiMAD
  • Jigsaw Puzzles is a large jigsaw puzzle game and online community, with more than 1,000 high-definition pictures for everyone to relax and complete, new free daily puzzles and photos provided by Cartoon Network!
  •  Fun rebuses for all adults - create your magic puzzle profile, view all puzzle packs you've ever downloaded in one place and easily restore packs you accidentally delete.
  • Add AVI Files
    Jigsaw Puzzles;
  • Welcome to the wonderful world of puzzles! Exercise your brain and relieve stress with relaxing and fun jigsaw puzzles. HD jigsaw puzzles, play free jigsaw puzzles. A large number of high-definition pictures, a variety of difficulty block selection, full of fun and challenges like a real jigsaw puzzle, no longer have to worry about losing puzzle pieces. Free puzzles, play as you want! Want to relieve stress and relax through games? Download HD jigsaw puzzles, this jigsaw puzzle game suitable for adults, thousands of jigsaw puzzles will let you stay away from the troubles of life, find inner peace, and enjoy a relaxing time. Start the daily challenge and become a puzzle master.
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  • Such a good and helpful game for you, what are you waiting for? Come and try it out! 
  • This is a classic and addictive wooden style block puzzle game, a true classic. After downloading, you will not regret it. It can continuously improve your intelligence, improve your reaction ability, and improve your aesthetic vision. It seems that you are constantly adding points to the game, but in fact, you are constantly adding points to yourself and creating your beautiful moments!

Betfullstar Wood Block Jigsaw

Wood Block Puzzle Game is easy to play but full of challenges!

Wood block jigsaw puzzle game for men and women of all ages? 

Block Puzzle Puzzle Game will keep you hooked! Keep challenging yourself to get higher scores!


When you choose to download our wooden block puzzle game, you will never put it down. Our carefully crafted games will constantly challenge your thinking and improve your intelligence. Easy to play, enjoyable game play. The impact of wooden blocks piled up, the beautiful dynamic world of puzzles, it can bring you infinite happiness! Let's enjoy a simple yet addictive puzzle game now!

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Betfullstar Wood Block Jigsaw